Thursday, February 6, 2014

15 Auto Insurance Discounts

How can I lower my car insurance premiums?

Make sure you are cashing in on the discounts you deserve!  We have compiled a list of common discounts available on car insurance policies.

Multi policy discounts:

Cash in on discounts for insuring your home, auto, umbrella, life, disability, long term care, etc. all at the same company. The discounts you receive on your home/auto insurance could pay for an entire life or umbrella policy and still save you money!

Go Green: Get a discount for going paperless.

Home Ownership:

Even if you don't insure your home with the same company as your car, you can still get a discount for owning your home.

Pay in full:

There is a significant discount for paying your policy in full if you can afford to do so.

Storage coverage: 

Don't drive one of your vehicles in the winter? Put your vehicle in storage coverage while it is laid up for the winter.

Vehicle safety devices:

Air bags, anti lock breaks, anti theft devices, auto recovery systems (i.e. OnStar), and even daytime running lights can all be provide discounts on your auto policy.

Student away at school:

Available for people who have a child on their policy who is at college without a vehicle.

Good student discount:

Good grades= cheaper auto insurance.

Teen driver monitoring device:

Your kids might not like this one, but there is a discount available if you install a teen driver monitoring device in your child's vehicle. The savings on your auto could more than pay for installing the device.

Loss free discount:

Your loss history stays with you for 3 years.  Consult your agent before turning in claims, sometimes it's not worth while to turn in that $100 claim if you could lose your claim free discount for 3 years.

Coordinating health insurance:

Ask your health carrier if they pay for auto related accidents. If they do, you can get a discount on your auto insurance.

Group memberships:

Being a member of a credit union, professional association, alumni association, gym, or local volunteer group can get you another discount.


Some companies give a discount if you have a high school diploma, some college education, bachelors degree, and post graduate degrees.

Driver's safety course:

Do you have to take a driver's safety course for work? Or maybe you took a class to get out of a traffic ticket? Send your agent the completion certificate to get a discount on your auto insurance.

Low mileage:

If you move, switch jobs, or retire make sure to let your insurance agent know. You can get a discount if you now commute 5 miles to work instead of 30.