Thursday, November 7, 2013

MCCA - Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association

What is the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA)?

Have you ever looked at your auto insurance policy and notice a fee at the bottom for the MCCA? If you have, there are probably a couple of questions that popped into your head. The first question you most likely asked yourself is 'What the heck is the MCCA?' followed very quickly by '...and why is it costing me $186.00 per vehicle?'. 

The MCCA is a private non profit association created by the Michigan State Legislature that provides unlimited lifetime medical benefits for auto related accidents. Private insurance companies are reimbursed for personal injury protection (PIP) claims in excess of $530,000. Visit the MCCA's website for more information.

Currently, Michigan is the only state to offer unlimited lifetime medical benefits for PIP claims, with New York coming in second with a benefit cap of $50,000. MIC  Government officials are working hard in Lansing to reform Michigan no fault insurance. You can read more about no fault reform at the Michigan Insurance Coalition's  website.